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Complex Logistics

Specializing in Complex Logistics is at the forefront of our business. Understanding the needs of each shipment equips our agents to prepare both our clients, as well as, our Carriers with all information so that each need is met with strategic planning to ensure the safest, most efficient way to successfully complete the transport. From the initial point of contact, until your vehicle arrives at your door step, you will be assigned one of our shipping agents that will assist you throughout the totality of the process. Keeping you informed each mile of the way. 

Digitalized Inspections

We understand the many changes that are taking place with the vehicle purchasing experience. With the rise of online purchasing, many of our clients are only seeing their vehicle thru sales ads via the internet. We pride ourselves on providing world class digital inspections, detailing a 360 view of each vehicle, combined with pictures of all angles on both pick-up and delivery. Each inspection is tagged with a date and location stamp proving its authenticity and requires the signature of the person who releases the vehicle, as well as, the carrier whom performed the inspection. 

Largest Network of Certified Carriers

With over fifteen years of auto transporting experience as a carrier company, we've had the pleasure of assisting many individuals establish their own companies across the country. From one to three car carriers for a more personalized shipping experience, to the larger five to ten car carriers used for businesses with multiple vehicles to ship at once. Working together and forming one of the largest, tight knit group of trusted, FMCSA approved carriers in the industry bringing a level of comfort to the shipping experience unmatched by other agencies.